Disparaging remarks on Cabinet picks


In response to Jim Morrison’s letter from Thursday, Feb. 23. Mr. Morrison, obviously you watch MSNBC’s show with Rachel Maddow and CNN. You sound like one of those snowflakes. I have already given my response to the fascism crap. Many have already written about the good and bad of President Trump. Love him or hate him, he will be your president for at least four years. I know that drives you people crazy.

My letter is in regards to your disparaging remarks about some very good and decent people that deserve our thanks and respect. You talk of the Cabinet members who are truly frightening, some malevolent and some with a checkered past. You have a longtime senator, several generals, and a brain surgeon who was tops in his field. Which of those would you put in the “frightening” category? Which in the malevolent? How about the “checkered past”? Secretary Sessions was a senator for 20 years, and an attorney general before that. Is he the “checkered past”? Or maybe it was Dr. Ben Carson that was the “checkered past” guy. A secretary of state who ran the biggest oil company in the world. He must be the malevolent one.

And then lets go to the generals. Men who signed up to fight for your freedoms. Truly frightening.

Tom Grant