Heller’s so far left he can’t see the right side


The majority of U.P. voters wanted Trump and voted that way. The Escanaba Daily Press doesn’t seem to realize that fact. As examples, the editorial page. The editorial columns and cartoons are like they are right from Meryl Streep, Lena Dunham Joy Behar, etc. Andy Heller is so far left he can’t even see the right side. He starts out by saying “there will be a lot of ‘sky is falling columns’ written this week. He hopes his isn’t one of them” And then goes on to write a “Sky-is-falling” column. It seems like if you disagree with the liberals, you are just stupid. They will call you names, they will besmirch your reputation and not give you a chance. There is actually no equal time given besides a few letter writers.

Climate change. One volcano put more crap into the atmosphere than years of man-made pollution. The Earth is capable of taking care of itself. We must be good stewards but not be stupid about it.

Obamacare. What did the world do nine years ago? We had the world’s premier health-care system. We still do. According to Obama, 30 million were not covered by health insurance. There are still 20-30 million that don’t have health insurance. Michigan expanded Medicaid so more people were covered. Who pays for that? Those who have insurance are paying two and three times more for their insurance and the deductibles have quadrupled.

Supreme Court, what is wrong with a conservative court? It isn’t the nine members that make the laws, at least it isn’t supposed to be. Let’s go back to the way the Constitution intended the Supreme Court to be.

Mr. Heller lives in Flint. Have you been in Flint lately? Detroit? The liberal Democrat administrations have done such a great job! I remember when there was actual manufacturing being done in Flint. I remember when Detroit used to be alive. Since Trump was elected, there have been several big changes in the auto industry. And he wasn’t even president yet.

Trump says that “the inner cities have been forgotten, why not give him a chance?”. And Mr. Heller scoffs at him and makes fun of him. The whole feeling in this country is optimistic, unless you are so blinded by ideology that you can’t see it; Michael Moore, Andy Heller, Snoop Dog, etc. I get a lot of my political insight from Snoop Dog! I was aware of the changes when Ronald Reagan was elected. I feel the same way as back then. It’s morning in America. Let’s celebrate this great country that we all love.

Obviously, something isn’t working.

Tom Grant



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