Watch out for tax scams

It’s the dreaded tax season, which means the pain of filling out all those forms for state and federal taxes, perhaps cutting checks to the government, and definitely scammers on the hunt for your money.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office says scammers pretend to be IRS or state government officials to try to steal people’s money. If you owe the IRS money, they might pretend to have a great way to settle that debt “for pennies on the dollar,” only to rip you off.

We urge everyone to watch out for scams and guard their funds and their identities carefully.

Some tips to help you do so, according to the Attorney General’s Office:

— Know that the government will not email, call, or text you unless you reached out to them that way first, and they will never ask for your personal information through those means.

— Know that the government will never offer you grants or money.

— Know that the government will never demand money through email, call, or text. They will send you a letter letting you know what you owe and offering payment options.

— Know that the government will never ask for payment via gift card, wire transfer, cryptocurrency, or a pay app.

More information and tips can be found online at michigan.gov/consumerprotection/scams/government.

Stay safe out there, Michigan.

— Alpena News


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