Want to own a piece of the Mackinac Bridge? Here’s your chance

Although we’re not at all certain who might be interested, a sale involving state property in the eastern Upper Peninsula is worth mentioning, if for no other reason, its unusual nature.

According to officials with the Mackinac Bridge Authority, 12 sections of the original steel grating from the 64-year-old structure are up for sale.

Each 30-by-60-inch piece weighs about 200 pounds. Bidding starts at $100, and all 12 pieces already have multiple interested buyers, with prices shooting to $400 and higher.

Perhaps unsuitable for framing but a potentially tasteful accent for a garden pathway?

The Mighty Mac opened Nov. 1, 1957, and it currently holds the title as the third-longest suspension bridge in North America, according to the website.

Considering its age, the grating was originally coated with lead-based paint. The auction listings say it’s mostly gone, but buyers must sign a hold harmless agreement, regarding the lead and structural condition of the gratings.

Bidding for these steel pieces will close on April 19. The listings are available at bit.ly/3rTLDhz.

As we said, we’re uncertain who might be interested but if anyone is interested in owning a relatively small piece of the span, here’s their chance.

— The Mining Journal, Marquette


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