Lakefront property is expensive but city should buy

Mark Twain is credited with noting, approximately, Buy land, they re not making it anymore.

Although it s not entirely clear in what context the esteemed author and humorist made the statement, it s hard to argue with its accuracy.

The same must be said for waterfront property. When it comes available, buy it as there is nothing more desirable than sandy beaches punctuated by rocks, grass tufts and, of course, waves.

The Marquette City Commission may be following that general guideline in mulling the purchase of a small tract of Lake Superior shoreline just off Lakeshore Boulevard.

The familiar property in question is 702 N. Lakeshore Blvd., at the corner of Lakeshore and Hewitt Avenue. A Mining Journal story stated the property, which is currently owned by the Robert T. Anthony Trust, is one of the few private residences left on the lake side of the road.

Raising eyebrows, however, is the asking price for the 6,727-square foot tract: $350,000 even though the appraised value is $115,000 less at $235,000.

Officials have made clear that while specific plans for the property have not been discussed, the city wants to purchase it with the full intent of preserving it for public use.

This land has been in private hands for a long time. Now comes an opportunity for the city to purchase it  but at an inflated price.

We think the city should swallow hard and write the check. Who knows when  or even if  the property will ever again be available to purchase.

— (Marquette) Mining Journal


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