Support James in U.S. Senate race

There is no “cookie cutter” solution to any problem. What may be the right solution in some areas of Michigan are not necessarily right for all parts of the state. Since March, this has been painfully true in Michigan. During the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, cases in urban areas downstate were skyrocketing, yet cases in the Upper Peninsula and northern Michigan were relatively rare.

The “solution” put forward was to put the entire state in lockdown — a “cookie cutter” way to solve a problem.

The urban liberal Democrats’ plan for downstate wasn’t right for the smaller cities and counties in the north. In fact, it caused unnecessary economic harm to businesses and workers in the U.P.

That’s why we need to elected John James to the U.S. Senate. James knows that a one size fits all solution to a problem is no solution at all. He understands the unique needs and problems of rural areas and will respond to them. We need to protect seniors and get businesses and the economy rolling again more quickly. James understands this.

The governor’s approach was poor on reopening and poor on protecting the most vulnerable. Michigan would do better with a change. James doesn’t want to lock down the state forever. He supports the Trump Administration approach of extra funding and accelerated testing for the vaccine. We support James.

On Nov. 3, voters in the Upper Peninsula and throughout Michigan will have a chance to breath new life into the state’s Senate delegation. We believe that Republican candidate for U.S. Senate John James can bring much needed change to Washington and urge readers to support his candidacy.

James’ character and beliefs reflect the core values we hold near and dear in the U.P. A West Point graduate, James saw combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom and is a decorated Army veteran. After his honorable discharge, he returned to Michigan to work in the family business — James Group International. He is currently serves as president of the business and has lead it on a road of growth while creating an additional 100 jobs in Michigan.

Besides his bachelor degree from West Point, James holds two masters degrees. He resides in Farmington Hills with his wife and two sons.

James brings much to the table. As a veteran, he understands the needs veterans have. With so few of our federal legislators having served their country i the military, he is uniquely qualified to make the voices of veterans heard in the Senate.

James has proven himself in the world of business. Under his hand, his family business has thrived and grown. He understands the importance of a heathy business environment for the Upper Peninsula, Michigan and the U.S. James has the will and knowledge to keep our nation’s thriving economy headed in the right direction.

Perhaps most appealing about James is he seems to be in line with the values of the Upper Peninsula and its residents.

James is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and a pro-business conservative. He values our natural resources and has vowed to protect our most valued resource — the Great Lakes.

James believes in serving his country, as demonstrated by his military service. He is a family man, a businessman, and a good fit for Michigan and the U.P.

In James’ words his parents “raised me to believe in faith and family, God and country, and service before self.”

We believe James will be a unifying force in Washington and a strong voice for Michigan in the U.S. Senate.

He deserves the support of the U.P. in the General Election.


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