Let’s hope we re-embrace reality

Even before the pandemic, so much of our lives had moved from the real world and into the 10 square inches of our phone screens.

We shop online. We read online. We communicate with friends online. We date online.

Now, the coronavirus and the shutdowns meant to prevent its spread have forced even more of our lives into the virtual realm. Now, birthday parties, government meetings, even wedding ceremonies are attended online.

Thank God for the technology that lets us do that, that has helped us stay as connected as possible even when we can’t be together.

But here’s hoping the near-total loss of real-world human contact will teach us something about its value, that we’ll re-embrace reality when this is all said and done and get reacquainted with face-to-face interactions.

That we go to the library and pick up a hardcopy book. Buy a hardcopy of The News. Shop in person at a local retailer instead of at Amazon.com.

Sometimes, you don’t know how much something means until it’s gone.

— The Alpena News.


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