Who’s in charge?


Way back in the Garden, there was only one rule, only one thing not to do — stay away from that tree — enjoy the rest. Well, we know the outcome. We, mankind, thought we could handle life better, on our terms. That original “don’t touch” soon became the Ten Commandments and for our civilization a model, ideal, goal and direction. Much of the Western World “bought in” and for centuries we followed and our laws and customs sprang forth.

What happened? Our country, despite what modern critics claim, was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics of right and wrong. The result was measurable and plentiful benefits to us, a high standard of living and our becoming a “shining light” to much of the world. Our Christian heritage paid off.

Okay, now America, whose way? Shall we glorify God or deify and celebrate man (I know, PC, woman too). If we reject the rule of God, our pride drives us to do things opposite of what God ordained: He ordained death for murder and we try to abolish it; God regards life as valuable and sacred and we abort millions; God instituted marriage and look what man has done; God ordained the family as the nurturing place for children in families, but man looks to the government; God ordained that that “fear of the Lord” (respect), is wisdom, but man forbids him in schools; God gave us moral absolutes but man believes that “everything is relative”; God created men, men and women, women, but those distinctions are haywire; God created sex for marriage and procreation and man’s choices go 51 different ways; God made man to find true meaning and purpose in life through Him, but man tries to find it through drugs, alcohol, materialism, the occult, cults, philosophy, fame, power, the almighty dollar, etc. Man has oodles of false prophets to want us to believe that mankind can evolve into some state of human perfection. Evolution is supposed to lead us to our ability to control war, climate, government, poverty, the economy, education, etc. perfectly. Well, how’s that workin’ out? Man wants us to dehumanize human life and even deify animals. Backwards, folks.

In essence, much of mankind willfully rejects God’s plans and worships— himself!

Decades ago, a family asked me to sing Sinatra’s “My Way” at a man’s funeral. I really hesitated, but they convinced me it was “okay, right and appropriate.” I did and regretted it soon thereafter.

Our famous atheist claims that there is no definite, clear good and evil standard (again, relativity).Evidently his child was never attacked or his bank account raided.

Ask a recovering alcoholic or drug addict if he/she controls life.

So, C H R I S T mas is coming. Who’s in charge? Fate? You? The pocketbook or stock market? Gifts? The dice? Drugs — got ya? Your powerful position? The Force? For now, we have a choice. What’s yours?

Mike Olson

Ford River/Escanaba


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