A win and a loss for Escanaba

This week’s bouquets go to:

From Mike “Chief” Olson of Escanaba?Ford River:

Last Friday night in the Eskymos first home game against Petoskey, we could not buy a first down in the first half, sluggish and beat up we seemed. I think we received a Gipper-type half-time speech because as Howard Cosell was famous for saying, “momentum switched jerseys” the second half. After the second Esky touchdown the armchair coaches in the stands were taking bets on whether the coach would go for 1 or 2 extra points. He had more confidence than we and he went for two. The last four seconds of the game had everyone’s hearts in their throats when Petoskey muffed their wishful field goal attempt assuring the Mos of the 15-14 victory. Before the game, Esky High athletics and the Quarterback Club honored all veterans with a picnic and pre-game ceremony featuring both team members, coaches and referees shaking the veterans’ hands…awesome as usual. No one kneeled for the National Anthem. Earlier that day Elmer’s and Radio Results Network featured ex-Packer kicker Chris Jackie who was signing autographs at Elmer’s that afternoon. He made the day of two 13-year old boys I brought over for signatures and glimpses at the huge Super Bowl ring that glittered big time.

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Just recently after a seven and a half year tenure, Pastor Chris Johnson and his family have moved to Wausau for a new ministerial position after resigning from Christ the King Lutheran. Chris, Heather and their two children, Ella and Jack, are already greatly missed. Chris’ fruitful pastoral work was widespread throughout this community and his cooperative efforts with other clergy and in the pro-life movement were well-known. Chris embodies the Fruit of the Spirit in Galations 5:22: Peace, love, joy, patience, goodness, gentleness, loyalty, kindness and self-control. God Speed Johnsons.


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