Teacher and coach taught life lessons

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From Mike Olson of Escanaba:

Just recently, teacher and coach Frank Miketinac passed away at age 96. A Hermansville native, Frank taught business classes and coached football at Escanaba for decades raising a family here too. As a teacher and coach he was legendary for “winning” and preparing high school student and student-athletes for college and life. He was no nonsense, firm and fair. Many were the male and female students who learned how to type and take note-hand from him, note-hand being a version of shorthand. Knowing how to type and take notes in note-hand for me in college in the late ’60s was critical; no one ever wanted to copy my notes — therefore, never lost them. Graduates who stayed in this area appreciated the business skills learned. Many EHS grads owed Mr. Miketinac big time for those skills. On the ball field he was also known for detail, excellence, pride and guts. Fundaments counted big time. He was nicknamed, not to his face, Black Frank. And, he is a legend and deeply missed. That kind of man, teacher and coach, is needed today, still. Character counts!


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