Hauswirth a wise choice as new NTN executive director

The people who run the Noquemanon Trail Network, by all accounts, parked one in the cheap seats recently in their hire of Lori Hauswirth as the organization’s new executive director. According to a written statement from the network, Hauswirth is a 20-year veteran trail advocacy and nonprofit work veteran who, most recently, served as the executive director of the Copper Harbor Trails Club and an associate region director with the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

Cary Gottlieb, who serves as NTN president, lauded the selection.

“We are very pleased to announce this appointment,” Gottlieb said. “Lori brings extensive experience to our growing organization that will enable us to better utilize our resources and increase our positive impact on the community.”

In addition to the wealth of job experience, Hauswirth holds a bachelor’s degree in land use planning and management from Northern Michigan University and has an extensive background in nonprofit management, organizational development, fundraising, and event promotion. “The NTN has developed a trail system that is world-class and an invaluable, year-round community resource,”Hauswirth said in the written statement. “I am very excited to be supporting the NTN and to work in partnership with the many people and organizations in Marquette that share a common goal of promoting a healthy, active community.”

This is a solid selection that makes sense from an experience and education standpoint. We look forward to Hauswirth taking charge of the NTN.

— The Mining Journal (Marquette)