Challengers win in recall election

ESCANABA — The voters have spoken. All three Delta County Commissioners who were the subject of Tuesday’s special election have been recalled, with their challengers winning by large margins.

In District 3, Republican Commissioner Bob Barron was defeated by challenger Myra Croasdell, who ran for the seat as an independent. Croasdell received 1,410 votes (73%) to Barron’s 514 (26%). Ten votes were submitted for write-in candidates.

Despite the loss — which will remove Barron from the commission for at least the remainder of the year — Barron is not done in his bid to hold onto the District 3 seat. He has filed to run in the primary election on Aug. 6, where he will face Christine Williams, of Bark River, for the Republican nomination. The winner of that contest will move on to the November General election, where Croasdell will once again run for the seat as an independent candidate. The winner of that election will secure the seat for the next term, which begins in January.

In District 4, Republican Commissioner and Board Chair Dave Moyle was defeated by Democratic challenger Kelli Van Ginhoven. Van Ginhoven received 932 votes (72%) to Moyle’s 353 (27%). Eight votes were submitted for write-in candidates.

Like District 3, District 4 will also have a primary battle that could lead to a rematch between Van Ginhoven and Moyle. In August, Van Ginhoven will face Escanaba resident Jason Sacco in the Democratic Primary. Moyle, who has filed to run in November as a Republican, will face the winner of that contest in the general election, with the winner securing the seat for the next term.

For District 5, Republican Commissioner Bob Petersen was beaten by independent challenger Matt Jensen. Jensen received 947 votes (72%) to Petersen’s 358 (27%). Eight votes were submitted for write-in candidates.

A rematch between Jensen and Petersen is guaranteed to take place later this year, but will happen during the August primary election. Jensen has filed to run in August as a Republican, which means the two men will fight in the primary to secure the Republican nomination for the general election in November.

Barring any independent candidates filing for the November election before the July 18 deadline, either Jensen or Petersen will appear on the general election ballot unopposed and secure the seat for the next term. If an independent candidate enters the race, the winner of the primary will face that candidate in November.

Voter turnout for Tuesday’s election was 23.88%, with a total of 4,550 Delta County voters participating.


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