Delta County Cancer Alliance leader Cheri Severinsen retires

ESCANABA — Cheri Severinsen, who has served as the president of The Delta County Cancer Alliance for nearly 28 years. announced her retirement in June. Long term board members described Severinsen as tireless. Throughout the community when somebody talked about the cancer alliance the comment always led to, “well let’s call Cheri, she will know,” board members said.

Severinsen’s dedication as president of the Alliance was so much more than what one would expect from most volunteer positions, aaccordingto board members. Throughout her 28 years of service she ensured the office was running smoothly and efficiently, organized the volunteers who assisted in providing open office hours for those in need of services and provided the leadership and commitment to the Alliance fundraising efforts. More importantly, was her commitment to personally helping patients and their families. She would drive patients to and from appointments both in town and out-of-town and she gave many the emotional support they needed to get through yet one more treatment.

Severinsen was also very involved in many other community groups which supported her endeavors to share the message of how important financial contributions are to supporting the work of helping those in need and struggling with the challenges of cancer.

“If you meet someone and they need some help, that little bit of something I do may be minor to me, yet it is very important to someone,” Severinsen said.

Board member John Economopoulos describes her service as both tireless and selfless. He said being on this board will now require each of the members to become more involved and committed to getting the job done. “It will take all of us working together to “fill Cheri’s shoes.”

“On behalf of the Cancer Alliance Board and the entire community we thank you Cheri for your service to so many cancer patients and their families,” the board said.

For more information on the Delta County Cancer Alliance call 906-786-0854.


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