Escanaba’s City-Wide Rummage Sale planned

ESCANABA — The Daily Press and U.P. Action have joined together to host Escanaba’s City-Wide Rummage Sale, July 18, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. See what participating ­neighbors found to sell when purging their homes.

Participating residents contacted the Daily Press and U.P. Action and provided information to the papers, including what items are available for purchase and the address for the location of the sale. Participating sales will be listed in the Daily Press, Thursday, July 16, and in the U.P. Action News, Saturday, July 11. All addresses provided before July 8 will be included on a map in both publications.

The Escanaba city-wide rummage sale will be held July 18, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., though property owners may have times listed if different the sale falls outside those hours.

The city-wide sale, previously known as “Trash to Cash/Trash to Treasure,” was three full days and held by the City of Escanaba, which decided not to organize it this year.

“The city didn’t want to do it this year, and they gave it to us,” said U.P. Action News General Manager Terrie Belongie.

The original Trash to Cash/Trash to Treasure idea came from James O’Toole, retired Escanaba city manager. In 2006, he came up with the idea of a city-wide rummage sale to slow down the number of household items going into the Delta County Landfill.

Due to COVID-19, the sale has become a single-day event. All shoppers are reminded to follow COVID-19 guidelines, and property owners’ recommendations while at the sales.


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