Incumbents retain seats in Gladstone

GLADSTONE — The residents of Gladstone have spoken, selecting familiar faces to lead the city during the election Tuesday — Brad Mantela and Dave Phalen.

Residents may have been familiar with the four candidates vying for the two available four-year terms on the commission, as two were seeking re-election and two previously held seats on the commission a few years ago.

Incumbents Mantela and Phalen, along with challengers Mike O’Connor and Steven Viau ran for the open seats.

From the names on the ballot, voters selected Mantela and Phalen to continue their work with the current seated members of the commission. Mantela received 527 votes and Phalen received 585 votes.

“I very much look forward to serving four more years,” Mantela said, adding he was humbled by the residents of Gladstone selecting him to continue his work serving them on the commission.

He said he was happy with the way the results came in for the election.

The remaining candidates, O’Connor and Viau, received 278 votes and 323 votes, respectively. Three votes went to write-ins.

In an interesting turn of events, during the last Gladstone City Commission meeting on Oct. 28 Phalen announced he may be moving out of the Gladstone area, which means he may have to step away from the commission despite being re-elected. Phalen had said at the meeting his moving away was not yet a 100 percent certainty.

If Phalen was to move, it would mean the commissioners would have to appoint someone to fill his seat.

During the commission meeting, Phalen explained he wanted to let the public know before the election, so if he won voters wouldn’t think he knowingly ran for reelection only to bow out.

Phalen could not be reached for comment about his win Tuesday.

Voters in Gladstone also voiced their choice for mayor. Eligible for the position were Brad Mantela, Darin Hunter, Dave Phalen and incumbent Mayor Joe Thompson. Voters chose Thompson to once again serve in the position, with 37.6 percent, or 340 votes, cast in support. Hunter received 244 votes, Mantela received 155 votes and Phalen received 162 votes.

While it is ultimately up the commission itself to choose the mayor, the city has historically followed the will of the people.


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