Prison term in domestic violence case

ESCANABA — An Escanaba man facing multiple charges related to domestic violence and resisting arrest was sentenced to prison in Delta County Circuit Court.

John Curtis Ratliff, 31, of 4921 Karen 17.25, Escanaba, pleaded no contest to one count of malicious destruction of fire or police property; one count of interfering with electronic communications; four counts of police officer – assaulting/resisting/obstructing; and one count of domestic violence – aggravated.

Ratliff was sentenced to a minimum of 14 months to a maximum of four years in prison for the count of malicious destruction of fire or police property.

He was sentenced to 12 months for the six other counts.

He was given credit for 156 days already served for all counts.

All sentences will be served concurrently in prison.

Ratliff was arrested after Escanaba Public Safety officers were dispatched to a domestic assault in progress April 28 at a house on the 200 block of North 15th Street at around 8:35 p.m. Delta County Central Dispatch informed officers they just had a 911 call and could hear screaming before the call was cut short.

When officers arrived, they heard screaming coming from inside the house.

After determining it was coming from the upstairs apartment, officers made contact with a 30-year-old Escanaba woman who let the officers inside.

The woman had a bloody nose, bloody mouth, marks on her cheeks and her right cheek was swollen.

Ratliff was found in the back of the apartment and was brought to the living room by officers.

Escanaba Public Safety was assisted at the scene by the Delta County Sheriff’s Department.

The woman explained Ratliff beat her and she had called 911 when he had broken her phone in two.

When Ratliff was informed he was under arrest, he fought back by spitting, kicking and thrusting himself at every officer and deputy that he came in contact with.

Once in the police vehicle, Ratliff kicked the door so hard he damaged it.

Upon arriving at the jail, Ratliff fought with deputies at the jail and the officers that brought him there.

Ratliff was arraigned on the charges in district court on April 29.

Ratliff was ordered to pay $2,039.93 in restitution and $648 in fines and costs.


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