Butch’s Carpet Center has decades-long history in area

Jordan Beck | Daily Press Dan Fishell, current owner of Butch’s Carpet Center, poses for a photo in front of the business’ stock carpet rolls. Butch’s Carpet Center has been operating in the area for decades.

ESCANABA — Butch’s Carpet Center, which has been operating in the area for decades, has worked to both stay true to its history and keep up with the times.

The business’ namesake and original owner was Butch Knauf.

“Butch started this back in the late ’70s,” current owner Dan Fishell said.

Butch’s Carpet Center was previously located where Hilltop RV Superstore is today. In the early ’80s, Knauf bought a piece of property across the street from Bay College, where the business has remained ever since.

Though he did not take over the business until early 2014, Fishell said he was involved with Butch’s Carpet Center well before then.

“I installed for 33 years, and Butch was looking to retire and it happened to be something that fit well,” he said.

Since he took ownership of the business, Fishell said things have been going well at Butch’s Carpet Center. He noted many things about the business have stayed the same — including its name, which he said is well-known in the community.

Some of the employees at Butch’s Carpet Center also have a long history with the business.

“We still have the same installers,” Fishell said.

This includes Dan Chouinard, who Fishell said has been installing at Butch’s for 39 years. Chouinard’s brothers Don and Nick have also been working there for decades.

According to Fishell, Butch’s Carpet Center specializes in selling Mohawk Flooring-brand carpet.

“They’re the only ones in the carpet industry that have a 100 percent stainless carpet,” he said, referring to Mohawk’s SmartStrand flooring.

Despite its name, Fishell said carpet is not the only flooring option available at his business.

“Today, everybody likes the vinyl plank,” he said.

Under Fishell’s leadership, Butch’s Carpet Center has begun offering other home improvement products. One product that is being introduced at the business is quartz shower walls, which have no grout to clean.

“We’re just getting ready to build all the displays,” Fishell said.

Window shades and blinds, kitchen cabinets and countertops are sold by the business, as well.

“It’s really helped us to become a one-stop shopping center,” Fishell said.

In the future, Fishell said he is aiming to redo his business’ storefront and expand its building.

“That would be holding … the kitchen cabinets and the new custom showers,” he said of the expansion.

Fishell voiced his appreciation to the people who have made Butch’s Carpet Center’s continued success possible.

“I’d like to thank all the customers over the years for their support,” he said.


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