Esky’s city-wide rummage sale set this weekend

ESCANABA — Escanaba will be the place for rummage sale lovers during the 13th annual Trash to Cash/Trash to Treasure event this weekend — June 7 through 9.

Property owners will display items for sale Friday and Saturday during the Trash to Cash portion of the weekend event. Starting 8 a.m. Sunday, property owners may place items they want to give away to others on the boulevard until noon — an event called Trash to Treasure. Owners are asked to clear off any items still on the boulevard after noon Sunday.

In 2006, James O’Toole, retired Escanaba city manager, came up with an idea to lower the amount of household goods going into the Delta County Landfill. He created a type of reduce-reuse-recyling program that could benefit many residents in the area.

“James O’Toole gathered with citizens to start recycling awareness,” said City Hall Executive Assistant Kim Gustafson. “He wanted residents to reuse things instead of putting them in the landfill. From those conversations came the first Trash to Cash/Trash to Treasure event on Aug. 12, 2006.”

An address listing of residents participating in the event this weekend can be found in the Daily Press, the Action, Escanaba City Hall, on the city of Escanaba website and Facebook page. People who wanted to participate in the city-wide rummage sale and have their address listed were asked to contact Gustafson’s office by May 24.

“I continue to receive phone calls from the community asking if they can get on the list. There were over 60 addresses listed in the paper,” said Gustafson. “I’ve noticed people have added their addresses to our Facebook page and as of this morning (Wednesday) there are over 100 listed.”

Other residents who missed the deadline and want to be part of the event can put a sign on their property, according to Gustafson. She said anyone can have a rummage sale during the same time. There is no charge for the city-organized event.

The Escanaba city-wide rummage sale is Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Property owners on the listing may have alternate times shown.