Icebreaking operations in local waters

MILWAUKEE — The Coast Guard plans to expand spring ice breaking operations. Icebreaking began in the bay of Green Bay Monday.

During the ensuing days, icebreaking operations will involve fracturing ice and track preparations to the port cities of Escanaba, Marinette-Menominee and Green Bay. Ice breaking and track work will also occur west of the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal.

The timing, schedule and locations of operations will depend on weather and wind conditions. Ice breaking operations may take several days to complete. Commercial carriers are expected to begin transiting the bay of Green Bay on or about April 3.

The Coast Guard recommends anyone who recreates on the ice, particularly those who fish, or operate snowmobiles or all – terrain vehicles on Sturgeon Bay or the bay of Green Bay, to plan their activities carefully, use caution on the ice, and stay away from shipping channels. Ice breaking activity can weaken ice far beyond the tracks created by the icebreakers.

It is also recommended users stay tuned to local media resources for the status of regional waterway closures and future planned ice breaking operations.