CBC fund drive has sucessful year

MANISTIQUE — The CBC wrapped up its 52nd annual fund drive with a radiothon at the Manistique Middle and High School auditorium Sunday.

According to First Chair for the 2019 CBC Bob Crumb, this was an extremely successful year for the CBC.

“I think it went very, very well — we had our highest return ever,” he said.

Last year, the CBC Fund Drive raised about $60,000. Earlier this year, Crumb said the CBC was hoping to raise at least $55,000 through 2019’s fund drive; according to Crumb, more than $65,000 had been raised as of Tuesday.

The money collected by CBC’s annual fund drive supports three causes — the American Cancer Society, Bay Cliff Health Camp and a third, local charitable organization that changes each year. For 2019, the third organization was Good Neighbors, which Crumb said offers resources such as a food pantry, rides, utility assistance and a resale store.

“It’s just a lot of things to help people in the community and keep people warm and well,” he said.

Many events were held in support of this year’s CBC Fund Drive, and quite a few of these took place late last week.

“It … culminated with a very busy weekend,” Crumb said.

CBC-related events held during the weekend included a Manistique Rifle & Pistol Club skeet shoot on Saturday and the radiothon — which featured a volleyball tournament and a bake sale — on Sunday.

Many other events in support of the CBC were held this winter and spring. Among these were an auction and celebrity bartender event at Marley’s Bar & Grill and a high school basketball tournament.

“People do all kinds of things,” Crumb said. As was the case for the skeet shoot, a basketball tournament supporting the CBC had been held in the past but had lapsed before being brought back this year.

Crumb attributed the success of this year’s CBC Fund Drive to a variety of factors. These included increased community engagement, returning events and his fellow board members.

“We had just a great board this year,” he said.

In the relatively near future, Crumb said the board will meet to discuss the CBC’s past and future.

“We will have a debriefing and wrap-up meeting … in the coming months,” he said. At the meeting, the names of potential third chairs will be discussed.

While many events in support of the CBC are held during its annual fund drive, this is not the only time funds for the organization are raised. On Aug. 2, a CBC golf outing will take place at Indian Lake Golf Course.

“That’ll be our first time, for the golf outing,” Crumb said.

Crumb said he has been glad to be involved with the CBC.

“It was just a great honor — to be able to do this for the community,” he said.

For more information, visit www.cbcschoolcraft.org.