Esky council refines clerk job description

ESCANABA — The city of Escanaba is one step closer to finding a new clerk following a special meeting Wednesday night. During the special meeting, the council refined a job description for the position, which will include both the clerk’s duties and information technology (I.T.) responsibilities.

Current City Clerk Lisa Glish, who was hired in May, will remain in the position until Sept. 28. She submitted her intent to resign from her role as clerk and I.T. coordinator on Aug. 10 after members of the council and the community raised concerns over the process that led to her hire.

While the council has discussed whether or not the clerk’s position can or should be combined with I.T. responsibilities, Glish is not the first clerk to hold both roles. According to City Council Member Peggy Schumann, the two positions have been combined since the mid-2000s, when a former council made the two positions one as part of a cost-saving effort.

“We are going to move forward and find the right person to help move our city forward with both technology and the clerk position,” Schumann said of the current search.

The position will be advertised for 60 days and be posted both internally and nationally. The decision to seek a new joint clerk and I.T. administrator — as opposed to seeking someone to fill just the role of a city clerk — was made in a 3-2 split vote.