Restoration of local lighthouse planned

Peninsula Point Lighthouse

ESCANABA — HistoriCorps, a national nonprofit dedicated to preserving America’s historic structures, in collaboration with the Great Lakes Conservation Corps, will restore the Peninsula Point Lighthouse in Stonington from July 20 to Aug. 3. Situated in Hiawatha National Forest, the lighthouse has stood watch over the waters of Lake Michigan since its construction in 1865. More than 150 years later, volunteers from the local community, statewide, and across the nation, will join HistoriCorps’ preservation experts in the restoration.

The Peninsula Point lighthouse has contributed significantly to the success of thriving economies of lumber, iron ore, and fishing. Today the lighthouse serves more as a place of rest, relaxation, and reflection. The 40-foot circular spiral staircase lighthouse overlooks Lake Michigan. HistoriCorps field staff and volunteers will repair deteriorated bricks on the tower, remove blistering and flaking paint on the lantern, catwalk and cupola, and repaint all affected areas.

HistoriCorps Executive Director Townsend Anderson said he believes in saving places not just for the sake of doing so, but to preserve the stories they tell for future generations. Anderson, a strong proponent of preserving the nation’s architectural history, notes that “this exceptionally built lighthouse once played an essential role in the region’s economy. Today, it is an icon of that era, telling its story and helping us, and generations after us, to understand the cultural and historic significance of this place and its rich maritime history.”

HistoriCorps was founded in 2009. It provides volunteers of all skill levels with a hands-on experience preserving historic structures for public benefit across America. Volunteers work with HistoriCorps’ seasoned professionals to learn preservation skills and put those skills to work saving historic places.


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