Swallow Inn origins in Rapid River date back to 1890s

Editors note: The Daily Press will be featuring a profile of an area business each week. This week’s featured business is the Swallow Inn of Rapid River.

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RAPID RIVER — For generations, the Swallow Inn, a Rapid River bar and grill, has given people living in and visiting the area a place to enjoy food and drinks. Trudy Boyer, the business’ current owner, spoke about the secrets behind the Swallow Inn’s continued popularity.

Boyer said she has held her current role at the Swallow Inn for about two decades.

“I’ve (owned) it for over 20 years,” she said. The Swallow Inn was established in the 1890s; originally, it was a boarding house.

According to Boyer, the Swallow Inn’s continued success is due in large part to the fact it meets the needs of Rapid River’s residents and visitors to the area.

“It … provides things that people in the community like,” Boyer said. She noted the business’ warm, welcoming atmosphere and friendly service are a part of this.

The Swallow Inn also has a large and varied menu, including one of its most popular offerings — a Friday fish fry. According to Boyer, this has consistently been a favorite in the community through good times and bad.

“The popularity of the fish fry continues to stabilize or grow, even when gas is $5 a gallon and people are losing jobs,” she said. Ten types of seafood are offered at these fish fries, and they can be broiled, deep-fried, or prepared Cajun-style. Additionally, a smelt fry is offered at the Swallow Inn every Sunday in March.

The bar and grill has several other popular items on their menu, as well. These include steaks, pizzas, and burgers, as well as daily specials (such as the 50-cent wings sold there every Thursday).

Boyer said she does hope to make some additions to the bar and grill’s menu soon.

“In the near future, we’ll be expanding (our menu),” she said.

The Swallow Inn, which is located at 10468 S Main St. in Rapid River, opens at 11 a.m. on weekdays and Saturdays and at noon on Sundays.


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