Bay faculty help students, food pantry

ESCANABA — The full-time faculty of Bay College has a long-standing commitment to helping students succeed in college through their MEA (Michigan Education Association) affiliated Faculty Association.

During the fall semester, the Faculty Association donated a refrigerator to the West Campus Student Food Pantry in Iron Mountain. Both Bay College campuses have student food pantries to keep students food-secure and healthy. Bay West instructors Crystal Henderson and Britt Slade helped identify and meet this need.

Recently, the Faculty Association also donated $3,600 to the Bay College Student Emergency Fund, created to help students through crises and unexpected problems that arise that might keep them from attending school.

Association President Molly Campbell noted that “our faculty discussed various ways to respond to the current crisis, but ultimately decided that this donation would make the greatest impact toward directly helping our students who need it the most.”

Director of Student Life Dave Laur agreed, with “a big thank you to the Faculty Association. The need of our students is definitely great.” Advancement Specialist Vicki DeGrand added, “The faculty at Bay College are so awesome and truly believe in student success.”

The Bay faculty also continues to support two ongoing projects. They sponsor monetary awards for the six Outstanding Graduate Award winners, given each May. They also have endowed and contribute annually to a Faculty Association Scholarship which awards at least 2 scholarships per year focused on assisting current students with degree completion.

English instructor Nanci Love, also president of the local MEA 17B Coordinating Council notes that union membership gives the faculty a forum to address such needs. “Unions do more than just focus on labor topics. The union gives us a forum to discuss common concerns and issues. Helping students is our primary focus, and I’m proud of the charitable things our Faculty Association accomplishes.”

Business instructor Ron Pearson supports this. “Students are facing extra hardships during the pandemic. It is an honor to work with a group of faculty members focused on student success.”


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