Reminders for hunters using blinds

GLADSTONE — The USDA Forest Service welcomes hunters to the Hiawatha National Forest, which provides nearly a million acres of public land for the use and enjoyment of the American people.

According to Forest Service personnel, most hunters are responsible and follow the rules, however there is growing concern about ‘permanent’ blinds on National Forest System lands. Illegal and permanent blinds pose several risks including safety hazards, environmental damage and hunter conflicts.

The State of Michigan hunting regulations require that hunting blinds on public land are portable and temporary, they cannot be affixed to any tree by nails, screws, bolts or screw in tree steps. Blinds can be placed with name, phone number and address of the owner no earlier than September 1 and must be removed by January 1, 2021. Failure to remove any type of blind, structure, equipment or trash can result in fines, costs of removal and destruction, impoundment and/or seizure items.

“With the upcoming hunting season, we wanted to remind hunters that responsible hunting involves researching and knowing the regulations and once a tag is filled, removing your blind from public land, said Cid Morgan Hiawatha Forest Supervisor”


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