Garden to receive ownership of Marygrove

GARDEN — After 71 years, the Catholic Diocese is transferring the ownership of the Marygrove Retreat Center back to the Village of Garden. This is a unique economic development opportunity for the Village in terms of potential redevelopment, use, and future tax revenue, village officials said.

The village faced a challenge in the quickly approaching transaction, as it did not have time to budget for the additional expenses needed to prepare the retreat center for sale. Immediate expenses included liability insurance and an appraisal of the facility and the surrounding 37.5 acres among others. A donation from Martin and Olivia Lagina helped to cover the costs and allowed the village to renew ownership of the site.

Potential uses of the site are being proposed to the community in order to find the right fit. Village President Jacob Allison and the village trustees opened the Marygrove Retreat Center to the public to hold a tour, discuss the rapid transaction of the facility, and gather information from the community about potential future uses. The most popular suggestion was an assisted living facility, with a corporate retreat center coming in second.

For any questions please contact: Village President, Jacob Allison (906) 450-1920