Airport finds mechanical services source

ESCANABA — Delta County Airport has found a new provider of mechanical services — Boreal Aviation, Inc.. Airport Manager Jeffery Sierpien spoke about this during Tuesday’s meeting of the Delta County Board of Commissioners.

M&M Aviation, which had been providing these services at the airport, left late last month.

“What we went ahead and did is we put in a request for qualifications (RFQ) for anybody that might be interested to provide mechanical services at the airfield,” Sierpien said.

The RFQ was posted on Delta County’s website; additionally, Sierpien shared information with local mechanics. A number of mechanics visited Delta County Airport for site surveys — including the company that is now set to take over mechanical services at the airport.

“We had a company that met the requirements and also put in that they would like to do business on the airfield, and that was Boreal Aviation, Inc.,” Sierpien said.

Boreal Aviation currently works out of Sawyer International Airport in Marquette County. The company is working to renew its agreement with Sawyer; regardless of whether or not this agreement is renewed, Sierpien said Boreal Aviation will be coming to Delta County Airport.

According to Sierpien, an agreement between Boreal Aviation and Delta County Airport has not yet been completely finalized.

“Right now, we’re … going through negotiations, but it’s definitely going to be a great benefit for the county financially and we think their business model is going to be very successful here at the airfield,” he said.

Sierpien noted Boreal Aviation is already qualified to work on the Delta aircraft currently at the airport.

During the meeting, Delta County Administrator Philip Strom voiced his appreciation of Sierpien’s efforts to find a new provider of mechanical services.

“He’s really put in a lot of hard work on this particular issue,” Strom said.