Schoolcraft has Citizens Advisory Board

MANISTIQUE — At its June 13 meeting, the Schoolcraft County Board passed a resolution to establish a Citizen’s Advisory Board.

“The Schoolcraft County Commissioners; recognize that Citizen Advisory Boards are an integral part of the governmental process. The volunteers who participate will provide the Board of County Commissioners with valuable insight on community issues and ensures that Commissioners receive citizen input on a wide variety of issues that directly affect residents of Schoolcraft County,” said Schoolcraft County Board Chair Craig A Reiter in a news release. “The Schoolcraft County Citizens Advisory Board will provide an invaluable service to Schoolcraft County. Their advice on a wide variety of subjects will aid the County Commissioners in their decision-making process. Effective citizen participation is an invaluable tool for local government. The Schoolcraft County Citizens Advisory Board will bring together citizen viewpoints, which might not otherwise be heard.”