LaFave authors firearms transport bill

LANSING — State Rep. Beau LaFave recently testified before the House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee. LaFave’s measure, House Bill 4331, would allow individuals to transport uncased, loaded long-barreled firearms on private land using any kind of vehicle. The same freedoms are already permitted for pistols, crossbows and slingshots.

Any person transporting a loaded long-barreled firearm under current Michigan law could be imprisoned up to 90 days and fined up to $500. LaFave’s plan would remove this violation.

“How I transport my own firearms on my own property is not the government’s business,” said LaFave of Iron Mountain, who chairs the committee. “Private property rights are in place for a reason. Continually unloading and reloading a firearm poses greater risk to safety than simply transporting a loaded gun. It’s ludicrous what you can legally do with a .22 pistol compared to a .22 long rifle when it’s the same bullet. This legislation is common-sense criminal justice reform and brings parity to pistol- and long-barreled firearm regulations.”

LaFave said his plan is beneficial to responsible, law-abiding citizens, including farmers looking to better protect their livestock and hunters with disabilities.

House Bill 4331 remains in the House Military, Veterans and Homeland Security Committee for further consideration.