Column: Unsung heroes – volunteers rock our world

Courtesy photo The Ambassadors of Delta County showcased their positive attitude and volunteer spirit by organizing a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the new home of Anytime Fitness.

ESCANABA — April is National Volunteer Month.

This week’s column shines a spotlight on a group that often goes unrecognized but deserves heaps of appreciation: our volunteers. Yep, those awesome humans known as the Ambassadors of Delta County who selflessly give their time and energy to make Delta County a better place. They’re like real-life superheroes who wear a green shirt (and a smile) rather than a cape.

The Ambassadors and many volunteers are the backbone of the Chamber and countless other local organizations. In every community, including Delta County, there are gaps that need to be filled and needs that must be met. Volunteers step up to the plate day in and day out addressing needs ranging from flipping pancakes at the recent Kiwanis Home and Garden Show to helping with city-wide cleanups. Their willingness to get involved and roll up their sleeves ensures that our communities are stronger, kinder, and more vibrant.

Why do they do what they do? It’s certainly not for fame or fortune (there usually isn’t any). Nope, volunteers are in it for the satisfaction they get from helping others. It’s like that feeling you get when you solve Wordle on the first attempt, but a million times better.

And let’s not forget that volunteering isn’t just good for the soul, it’s good for society, too. By pitching in, volunteers are filling gaps in services, supporting those in need, and building stronger, more connected communities. Plus, they’re showing us all that a little kindness can go a long way.

But it’s more than that. Volunteering isn’t just about giving, it’s also about growing. When you volunteer, you’re not just helping others, you’re also gaining valuable skills, making new friends, and maybe even discovering a passion you never knew you had.

So, to all the volunteers out there, YOU ROCK! Thank you, please keep doing what you’re doing because Delta County wouldn’t be the same without you. And to anyone thinking about getting involved, don’t wait! Whether it’s by volunteering at the animal shelter, participating in a community cleanup, or lending encouraging words to business owners at a ribbon cutting celebration, there are countless ways to get involved and contribute to the well-being of our waterfront community.

There’s a whole lot of good to be done, and we could use all the help we can get, especially with major events and activities taking place throughout the summer. Contact us at the Chamber and together, let’s make Delta County a better place, one volunteer at a time.

— — —

Vickie Micheau is the executive director of the Delta County Chamber of Commerce


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