Column: Make your voice heard

ESCANABA — 2020 has been an unbelievably challenging year for all of us individually and for our business community. Who could have ever predicted the many obstacles for our schools, students and teachers. Our municipalities, county and state will be financially hurt like never before. Everyone has an opinion about what actions should have, could have been taken to lessen the impact on all of us. Who has done a good job representing us and who has not. Now is the time to make your voice heard. Make sure you have voted for the November 3 election. It doesn’t matter what your political views are, make sure you share yours with your vote. I am pleased to see so many people have taken this seriously, as almost 80 million ballots have already be returned nationally. That represents more than 50% of the ballots that were cast in the presidential election in 2016. If you have already turned in your ballot, great job! If not we will see you on November 3rd.

One of the biggest issues from 2020 are the impacts of COVID-19 on our country. What can or will we do individually and collectively to get out of this situation? When I wrote my last article September 19, Delta County had about 340 cases. Roughly five weeks later we will have about 1,300 cases. Many of us felt like this was an issue that was a problem in other parts of the country or the state. We didn’t know anyone who had the infection so it wasn’t personal. I am sure almost everyone has friends, family and co-workers that have tested positive or has been sick at this point of the pandemic. It became personal for me a few weeks ago when my extended and immediate family members got sick and tested positive. I am very thankful that everyone is at the end of their infection and is feeling better. I had to self-quarantine in the upstairs of my home, while the rest of the Family was downstairs. I had to wear a mask if I went downstairs. I am just getting done with my 14 day quarantine and luckily have not gotten sick. Please do everything you can to be safe for your family and friends as the virous is spreading aggressively.

We have Halloween coming to many of our towns on Saturday. I look forward to handing out treats to the kids that come by my house. I hope everyone can be as safe as possible while giving our kids a fun day that have been in such short supply this year.

— — —

Ed Legault is director of the Delta County Economic Development Alliance


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