Column: Celebrate Webster L. Marble Day

ESCANABA — As we bid farewell to Halloween, we quickly transition our prep towards the next upcoming holiday. And while others from across the country may assume that would be Thanksgiving, we here in God’s Country know that the next holiday arrives on Nov. 15 with the opening of Michigan’s firearm deer season.

What may be a lesser known fact is that Nov. 15 is also Webster L. Marble Day in the state of Michigan. This Senate resolution was submitted by Senator Tom Casperson in 2015 to coincide with the opening of the “Inventing the Outdoors” exhibit at the Michigan Historical Museum. We are so very fortunate that just four years later, the impressive exhibit, which was intended to only be a temporary display, has found its permanent home at the Multi Use Complex on the U.P. State Fairgrounds. This dream became a reality because of the tenacity, good will and dedication of a prized group of individuals committed to sharing the story of Webster Marble with generations to come.

That generosity continues as Dennis Moberg, president of the Marbles Plus Knife Club and overall friend to the U.P. State Fairgrounds, has offered to donate a vintage Marble’s knife to aid in the effort to help raise funds and awareness for this truly inspiring museum and building.

Beginning on Nov. 15 on Webster L. Marble and Deer Day, guests to the museum will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket for a chance to win the vintage Marble’s knife. Guests who show their State of Michigan firearms licenses will receive buy one get one free entry into the drawing. The program will run through our Christmas open house on Dec. 7 when we will draw for the lucky winner!

It is a great time of year for all to come and visit the new Multi-Use Complex on the U.P. State Fairgrounds. The Marble Arms Museum is a wonderful tribute to the Upper Peninsula’s Great Inventor and shows off the origins of the state’s love for outdoor recreation through the life and times of Webster L. Marble.

As Senate Resolution No. 117. States

Whereas, Historians recognize that Webster Marble was a genius as an inventor, manufacturer, and one of the Upper Peninsula’s most successful business leaders; and 

Whereas, Marble marketed his creations across the globe and would eventually own more than 60 patents for outdoor products, including knives and compasses used by Commander Robert Peary in his expeditions, Theodore Roosevelt, and Charles Lindbergh during his first solo transatlantic flight; and

Whereas, Troops in World War I were issued Marble-designed matchboxes, and both the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of America adopted Marble’s knives as their official knife; and

Whereas, His designs set the standard for the 20th century in the outdoor goods market, outfitting millions of outdoor enthusiasts with Michigan-made products that are still influential today; and

Whereas, Mr. Marble helped advance the evolution of outdoor ethics and marketing that has influenced not only how we relate to the outdoors, but how we position and promote ourselves to the world through Pure Michigan; now, therefore, be it     Resolved by the Senate, That November 15, 2015, be hereby commemorated as Webster L. Marble Day in the state of Michigan;

So, because one day is not enough time to celebrate Webster Marble, we invite you to come and visit us during Webster Marble Days, Nov. 15 – Dec. 7 and see the new community asset at our Multi-Use Complex on the U.P. State Fairgrounds, 1001 North Lincoln Road.

We look forward to showing off the world class exhibit!

— — —

Sheila Krueger is associate director of the Delta County Chamber of Commerce


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