Gladstone man’s invention being sold

Courtesy photo Apothecary Products recently launched the Nose-Pals Nasal Aspirator under their Ezy Dose KidsTM brand, licensed by Edison Nation on behalf of innovator, Robert Pontius of Gladstone.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Edison Nation, an open innovation marketplace for consumer product ideas and intellectual property, has announced licensing success with Apothecary Products for Robert Pontius of Gladstone. Edison Nation licensed Pontius’ nasal aspirator concept to Apothecary Products in 2016 and they recently released the Nose-Pals® Nasal Aspirator under their Ezy Dose KidsTM brand.

Partners engage Edison Nation to find them new products to acquire and Edison Nation aggregates ideas from their worldwide community of innovators. Apothecary Products has been a partner of Edison Nation for several years, running a total of 11 sponsored innovation searches to date. The Apothecary products team remained fully-engaged with Edison Nation throughout the product development process, providing updates to the innovator every step of the way.

“I received calls and emails from the Edison Nation team at regular intervals, sometimes just to let me know that things were still on track, sometimes with images of packaging mockups or pictures of factory samples, sometimes with a note about major milestones like the tooling being ordered,” recalls Pontius. “That thing that was once just a concept in my head was now being experimented with and extended by someone else – I had a “team” now and they shared my curiosity and excitement.”

The Nose-Pals? Nasal Aspirator is unique in that it utilizes the Venturi Effect (the reduction in fluid pressure that results when a fluid flows through a constricted section of a pipe) allowing users to blow out to create suction, eliminating the need for filters and bringing peace of mind.

“Using a mechanism to create Venturi Effect suction solved multiple problems and brought multiple benefits, which to me is the hallmark of an “elegant” solution: NO chance of inhaling mucus; perfect control over the effective yet gentle suction produced; no need for replacement filters; no hidden cavities that could harbor germs; easy cleaning; intuitive use, drug-free, non-invasive,” says Pontius. “I have three young kids of my own and I deal with a lot of mucus. There’s nothing like a baby that can’t breathe freely to make a parent feel helpless and desperate for a solution!”

In late January, Apothecary Products released the first version of the Nasal Aspirator under a private label at a major drugstore chain. Earlier this month, Apothecary announced the release of the Nose-Pals? Nasal Aspirator as well as received the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Seal of Approval.

“I’m absolutely delighted with this version of the product! It’s both “high-tech” looking with the translucent blue material and “kid-friendly” with the Mr. Bananas [monkey] design – a perfect combination! And of course, there’s the added functionality with the disposable collection chamber, spares, and optional replacement pack, which is not only a practical benefit but a persuasive sales point as well – “completely removing the yuck factor“. The inclusion of a storage bag is a major plus as well and adds yet more “perceived value” (and real value) – so much better than throwing the product unprotected into a drawer or keeping it in a Ziploc. I really couldn’t be happier.”