Millionaire for a Day

Courtesy photo

On Friday, May 25, Delta County Credit Union’s Millionaire for a Day, Logan Ayotte, his family, and three of his friends (David Kelloniemi, Kelli Doutree, and Kholton Brandt) were picked up by a limousine at James T. Jones Elementary School. They were driven down Ludington Street and through Ludington Park. They then arrived at DCCU’s Escanaba office for a “royal” carpet treatment and a V.I.P. (behind the scenes) tour of the credit union from the CEO, Brenda Lippens. After their tour, the credit union treated Logan and his guests to dinner at Ludington Grill. Logan randomly won DCCU’s Millionaire for a Day by depositing during Youth Month in April at the $ave the Brave$ Way Credit Union (a student run credit union branch of DCCU) at James T. Jones Elementary School. Shown are, from left, Kamryn Ayotte, Kalli Doutree, David Kelloniemi, Logan Ayotte, Kholton Brandt and Carson Ayotte.