Don’t give up on your dreams — at any age

Dear Annie: I just wanted to thank you for encouraging the 63-year-old mom who is trying to complete her vocational nursing degree. She is not too old, by any stretch, and though her kids may mean well, she should not give up on her dream of being a nurse.

I’m a 57-year-old registered nurse, and I have known many people in their 50s and 60s who obtained their initial nursing degrees, many of whom worked into their mid-70s or longer by choice.

The pay is great; working choices are good (clinic, hospital, nursing home, etc.); and the rewards immeasurable. Don’t give up, Mom. You’re almost there! — Happy Nurse

Dear Happy Nurse: Thank you for your encouraging letter. I hope it inspires others to follow their dreams no matter their age.

Dear Annie: Al-Anon saved my life, even though my alcoholic family member continues to drink and will most likely die from the disease. It’s too bad the Al-Anon meetings are not happening in person yet here in Spokane. I hope “Worried About My Son,” whose son is a drug addict, will try one of the Zoom meetings. — Al-Anon Supporter

Dear Al-Anon Supporter: Your endorsement of Al-Anon is powerful particularly because it’s based on personal experience. I’ve received many letters praising Al-Anon. It’s hard to find a more effective group.

Dear Annie: I am an addiction medicine physician who herself has spent over two decades in recovery. Regarding the mother with a treatment-resistant alcoholic son: If he has no job, where does he get the funds to buy alcoholic beverages?

Most practicing addicts have enablers in friends or family who are contributing to the problem. I say she should kick him out of her house as a final action.

We cannot force anyone to end their addiction. The subject has to WANT recovery. If the guy refuses all the help — he wants to keep drinking — nobody can force him to stop. — Addiction Physician

Dear Addiction Physician: I always appreciate hearing from medical experts. Your own recovery journey adds a layer of depth to your suggestions. Thanks for writing.

— — —

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