Remembering to appreciate life’s precious moments in the new year

Karen Wils photo The sunrise over Little Bay de Noc.

ESCANABA — The old clock above the fireplace ticks in the twilight.

The ornaments glimmer on the Christmas tree as the last of the gifts are removed from beneath it.

At Christmastime, we so often think of gifts. On New Year’s Eve, we concentrate on time. We watch the clock. We celebrate.

After having health problems at the end of 2019 and being out to the Mayo Clinic twice, I have a new appreciation of time.

As the year draws to an end, some people think about their material assets. How much money they made, how new their car or truck is, how many miles did they travel on vacation are some of the thoughts going through people’s heads.

Every single gift that was under the tree is now unwrapped.

Some gifts will last a week, or a month or two, but a new year will last for all of twelve months. Everybody has their favorite season or month. Each week brings different challenges and different pleasures.

With a new appreciation of time, I will try to make every minute count. Life is not about things for sure, it’s about precious moments.

In our busy world today, it is really hard to prioritize what we send our minutes and hours on.

Sometimes it is the simple, little things that we need to remember to squeeze into our tight schedules. Things like holding a small child, reading a story, making a favorite recipe, taking a hot bath, grooming a pet, making a snowman or saying “I love you,” are fun things that we often forget to do.

As 2020 begins, let’s all sit down in our favorite comfy chair, turn off all the phones and gadgets and brainstorm about simple, little things that we can include in our weeks ahead.

Winter in the U.P. can be hard on our seniors. Stop by and visit that older relative or neighbor who doesn’t get much company. Sip hot coffee or tea with them and listen to some of those same old stories over and over again. You just might learn a new piece of family history.

Folks who are in nursing homes or assisted living homes love to see new faces too.

Send some old photos or new photos to friends and relatives who live far away. It is nice to keep in touch with people who don’t have the internet.

Plan that day with the kids or grandkids. Pick a date and make plans to take the crew skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, shopping or out to eat. U.P. winters can provide some picture-perfect fun times.

Read a book that you always wanted to get around to reading. Learn a new prayer or a poem.

Spend some time at camp just watching the wildlife and hearing the sounds of nature. Bundle up and do some star gazing on a cold, clear night.

2020 is here — Happy New Year, one and all. Remember, the months are all what you make of them. It is all about what you do, not what you have! Blessings and best wishes.


Karen (Rose) Wils is a lifelong north Escanaba resident. Her folksy columns appear weekly in Lifestyles.


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