Lost card? Put a freeze on it for safety’s sake

Dear Readers: Have you ever been out on the town and MISPLACED YOUR CREDIT CARD?

Through many credit card companies’ mobile phone apps, you can temporarily freeze your card. This will prevent unauthorized new charges online, over the phone and in store, cash advances and balance transfers onto the lost card.

Some activity will continue while the card is frozen: recurring bill payments, returns and payments will be credited to the card; interest will still accrue if you carry a balance; and other regular fees will still be charged.

When you find your card, simply unfreeze it through the app, and you’re good to go. If you don’t find the card, call the company for a replacement.

Check your card’s specific rules for freezing the card. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: We watch our pennies and look for ways to save. We buy large refills of hand soap, dish soap and window cleaner, and refill smaller containers for use.

A 90-ounce refill of dish soap costs just a little more than a 10-ounce bottle and is good for nine refills.

Regular hand soap can be used in the new foam dispensers by refilling with a mix of soap and water. — J.C.S., North Palm Beach, Fla.


Dear Heloise: Various substitutes for wrapping paper:

1. Calendar pages, which come in so many sizes and are colorful.

2. Larger packages can be wrapped in posters. Some card shops/bookstores give away posters that haven’t been sold.

3. Large packages can be wrapped in bulletin board paper, which comes in beautiful colors. There’s usually a bin of remnants. This paper is found in art supply shops, school supply stores, bookstores that cater to teachers, etc. Looks amazing with ribbon.

All of these use quality paper and in most cases are recycled! — An Avid Reader in Murray, Ky.


Dear Heloise: I bought a magnetic closure for my necklaces; it’s easier to get them on and off.

The manufacturer suggests to not pull the magnets apart straightaway. Rather, open the magnets at an angle, like I’m cracking an egg. This lessens the wear on the magnets. — Julie W., Tyler, Texas


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