Walker a star of Esky City Band for 61 years

Evelyn Walker

ESCANABA — Meet Evelyn Walker, a lifelong music enthusiast who has been playing the piccolo in the City Band for an impressive 61 years. She’s not just a musician, though; Evelyn spent 42 years shaping young minds as a teacher at Escanaba High School before retiring.

Her favorite musicians? The Beatles, of course.

“I have been so lucky to be able to work with so many talented people. The City Band has been challenging but fun and allowed me to be part of many events that have taken place in Escanaba over the past 60 years,” said Walker.

When she’s not making music, Walker spends her time with her cherished horses, a hobby she’s enjoyed for over 50 years. Though her large herd has decreased, the few “old timers” she has left receive her daily attention and love.


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