Cat reunited with owner after two years

Courtesy photo A local woman is reunited with her cat,”Queenie,” Saturday at the Delta Animal Shelter in Escanaba. The feline had been missing for two years.

ESCANABA — A cat who had been missing for over two years was reunited with its owner at the Delta Animal Shelter in Escanaba Saturday.

According to Lindsey Peterson, adoption specialist at the shelter, the stray feline was brought in Saturday after it was found by Chenier’s Greenhouse, located just outside of Escanaba on County Road 416.

At the shelter, the cat was scanned to see if it had a microchip implant. A microchip is about the size of a large grain of rice and is placed under the skin of both dogs and cats, as well as other animals, as a form of identification. If the animal is lost, a shelter or veterinary clinic can scan the back of the animal to see if it has a microchip implant. If it does, the owner’s address and phone number appear on a computer.

Since the cat had no other form of identification to signify it had a owner, such as a collar or bandanna, Peterson said she and another adoption specialist, Jordan Tianen, scanned the feline to see if had a chip under its skin and it did. They found out the cat’s name was “Queenie” and that it belonged to an Escanaba woman.

The shelter placed the story and image of the woman and the feline on Facebook, where it received 721 likes and over 80 shares.

Peterson and Tianen contacted the owner associated with the microchip, and Tianen said the owner was in disbelief.

“She was beyond shocked,” said Tianen.

The owner of the feline made her way to the Delta Animal Shelter and was reunited with her long-lost animal family member

“Microchipping helps reunite people with their lost animals,” said Tianen. “In Queenie’s case, it got her back home.”

Queenie is a tortoiseshell-colored cat with long-hair, explained Tianen. While the shelter and owner do not know what Queenie has done or where she has been since 2016, they can guess that she was kept somewhere with people because she had a good weight and was well groomed. Regardless, Tianen said she was happy that Queenie could be reunited with her rightful owner.

“Pets deserve to be with their family,” said Tianen.

For those interested in having a microchip for their pets, contact the Delta Animal Shelter at 789-0230. The shelter holds special clinics and regularly can microchip a pet. Pet owners can also have the procedure done at a veterinary clinic.