Bigfoot convention returns to Upper Peninsula

MENOMINEE — Bigfoot enthusiasts and those interested in learning more about the North American folklore creature are invited to attend the second annual Marinette/Menominee Bigfoot Convention. The event will take place Saturday, June 9, at the Whistle Stop Pullman Center five miles north of Menominee. The convention begins at 10 a.m. CST and will conclude at 4 p.m. Doors open at 9 a.m. CST.

According to Craig Sulk, one of the show’s founders, the event will feature vendors, crafters, presentations from Bigfoot experts and much more. Vendor items will feature Bigfoot and other outdoor-related items.

“We’re going to have quite the time,” said Sulk.

Bigfoot, sometimes called “Sasquatch,” is a hairy, upright-walking, ape-like being who reportedly dwells in the wilderness and leaves behind large foot prints. Sightings of the elusive creature have been reported throughout Michigan, including the Upper Peninsula, and in many states around the U.S., according to Sulk.

There have also been television shows dedicated to searching for the mysterious ape including Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot.” Sulk appeared on the television show in 2014 after he captured an image on a trail camera of what is thought to be Bigfoot on his property in Menominee.

“I really was interested in what was happening in the picture,” said Sulk.

He and his wife, Barb, decided to send the picture to the “Finding Bigfoot” crew and got a quick response, noted Sulk. In September of 2013, the bigfoot researchers came to the Sulk property to film the “Super Yooper” episode, which aired in January of 2014.

Since then, the spot of where the picture of the mysterious creature was taken has become an attraction spot called Hyden Adventure, explained Sulk. People from around the world have visited to see where the photo was taken, noted Sulk, adding visitors have come from as far away as Germany and China.

“It’s been successful,” said Sulk.

Enough interest was generated by the sighting that Sulk and his wife decided to hold a convention to get people who may have seen a Bigfoot or other folklore creature together and swap stories.

At the first Bigfoot convention in 2017, over 300 people attended with visitors coming from Gladstone, Escanaba, Iron Mountain and other portions of the U.P. and Minnesota. To help accommodate the growing crowd, Sulk said they had to find a bigger venue for this year’s show.

Speakers featured at the June convention include Charlie Raymond, a Bigfoot researcher from Kentucky, and Linda Godfrey, one of America’s foremost authors on modern day monsters, noted Sulk.

“We should do good this year,” said Sulk.

Sulk will also be a presenter at the show, discussing updates on other mystery animals that have appeared on the property since last year’s convention. Towards the end of the convention, Sulk said there will be an open microphone session where guests will have the opportunity to share their Bigfoot sightings.

The overall goal of the event is to get “people with a like mind” together to share information, tell their stories, and “put more pieces into the puzzle” of Bigfoot and other creatures.

“We just want people to come decide for themselves,” said Sulk.

For more information about the Bigfoot convention, call (906) 863-1135.