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Should President Obama be permitted to take military action against Syria?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Oct-24-13 6:14 AM

he wont take action until the muslim brotherhood gives him orders to do so.

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Oct-15-13 11:49 AM

Yes, now is the time to take action against Syria. & we also need to do something about Osama Bin Laden & the guy that shot Lincoln & we need to finally do something about all the crusaders that murdered all the Mayans & maybe we should punish the vikings for all the damage they caused thousands of years ago.

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Sep-27-13 11:01 AM


If it weren’t for ‘citizen-soldiers’ like Estacy,

and the rest of us ..

You would not have had the opportunity for a free education,

something you apparently didn’t take advantage of,

but only, to the best of your ability… very little…

As evidenced by your thinking, writing and the associative complications that need perfection

to arrive at preparing a decent sentence.

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Sep-25-13 1:33 AM


I thought you were ‘retired’ military, and now are sucking up more taxpayers money as well ?

If it weren’t for the war-mongers among us,

would you have been able to make it in the real,

non-military world?


When I was in the military my ‘wages’ were just under .0185 cents per hour…

and you’re ranting away on minimum wage that shouldn’t be increased?

You're another talking rock...

or is that a 'pet-rock', kept by someone else?

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Sep-24-13 6:26 PM

You jsut can't help making a fool out of yourself! You are helpless! Good bye blow up doll lover or is that loser!

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Sep-23-13 3:30 PM

Better than have no oars in the water like you! At least w/one oar you can still paddle the boat from the backside if you can figure out where that is! And it sounds like the blow up doll paddles your backside. BTW have no blow up doll you have the corner on that market! You sure are a slow braine person!

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Sep-21-13 8:56 AM

You can have an empty glass but not an empty glass of water! It is either full or empty! You are quite the accidental comedian aren't you? But, too bright!

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Sep-20-13 5:55 PM

NO Bomb,a

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Sep-20-13 11:38 AM

Levib57, you just keep on proving the point of where you are! And you leave me out. Go play w/your blow up doll.

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Sep-20-13 11:38 AM

Levib57, you just keep on proving the point of where you are! And you leave me out. Go play w/your blow up doll.

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Sep-19-13 2:21 PM

BTW cell phones have been around since the late 70's! Also I didn't say cell phones now did I? If you don't believe it google it, if you can figure out how to do that!

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Sep-19-13 2:18 PM

LeviB57 Still showing not really to smart-IT IS NEXT OF KIN NOT KEN! You gotta love those Republicans for their continuous blaberings! Rush and Hannity have nothing on you!

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Sep-18-13 11:53 AM

Estacy, See you are still stupid, the so called Obama phones were started by the Republicans hero president, Reagan! Just goes to show you how how behind times republicans are from watching Fux News! And also who cares any longer about the Libyan thing, it is old news! Bush was warned about 9/11 what did he do about it but sit there in classroom and looked dumbfounded as most republicans always do!

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Sep-18-13 6:00 AM

Again, he drew a red line, they called his bluff and he had NOTHING! - turned to the Russians to bail him out.. He's no President, he's a figure head bouncing around telling everyone he's in charge, unless of course something goes wrong, then.. "It's Bush's or the Republican's fault".. Strange he didn't mention that this Washington wacko who murdered 12 innocent people, "Mighta looked just like his son if he had one".. Three more years!? We aren't gonna make it.

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Sep-18-13 5:55 AM

Again with the personal, "Hide behind a FAKE name and take pot-shots at people" attacks from someone.. Groovy! "Obama 'up front' - Cheese and Rice yer dumber than a box of rocks! - A year since Libya, still nobody held accountable, Months since Egypt exploded (thank goodness Syria came along eh?) and now a shooting in Washington.. Whee! back on Gun Control - And lets not forget that 5 years into his terms he's STILL blaming Bush and the Republicans.. Y'know, if he was half the President he thought he was we'd be better on our way to recovery by now.. We are not.. and it's probably cause of dumb, stupid folks like you who support the WELFARE President's plans for us all.. Say, call him on your Obama phone and kiss a little arse! He may invite you to golf..

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Sep-17-13 11:07 AM

LeviB57, You are the dumb one, why do you think I put in CHENEY in capitals! If you can't the intention of a purposeful mistake, I guess you will never be a know it all or ever know anything! Pretty much a "DUMBO" aren't you now? Didn't anyone "CATCH" that besides me! Bush was never really President except name only!

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Sep-14-13 4:59 PM

obama up front? are you freaking stupid? nothing but a scammer and liar. hes a black bush except his intelligence is much lower than bush's.

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Sep-13-13 3:38 PM

Es, As far as what President Obama, at least he is up front w/the American people and not trying to lie as the reason for the war like President CHENEY and useless Bush did and lie through their teeth for the war reasoning! You can't fault Bush because he isn't smart to be that shrewd to think of those stories! But, I have read enough of your crazy stuff on Facebook so nothing you say surprises me!

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Sep-11-13 1:24 AM

no. cant afford it. bad things happen everywhere. lot more serious problems than just chem attacks in syria.

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Sep-10-13 6:23 PM

LET'S DO IT ! ! !

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Sep-10-13 5:37 PM

No Bomb-A

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Sep-10-13 9:38 AM

Nice ES, well said.

The evidence for going to Syria is even more sketchy than what Bush had and we know the uproar that caused.

We have no national interest in Syria. We have no allies in Syria. Each side basically wants us dead so who then does Obahma want to support?

It's tragic that this population holds no value on human life (their own included) but I don't see how this is our problem. We won't fix them and they don't want to be fixed. Let them settle it themselves the only way they know how, guns and bombs, and deal with the aftermath politically if at all possible or forcefully if threatened.

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Sep-10-13 6:26 AM

A Commander in Chief doesn't need permission to order Military Action against any event - He does need the support of Congress to fund even a limited war though. In this event, a declaration was issued, but he had no plan in place.. when his bluff was called we now sit on our hands and look wimpy and weak in the eyes of the world. Asking Congress (the representatives of all of us) for permission is merely a political ploy .. if the event turns out badly.. Obama won't look bad.. If the outcome is good, Obama takes credit.. simple as that.. Ok, now, how many people have been brought to justice over Lybia? And what about Egypt? Do what's best for America Mr President, and resign.. and take your buddies with you.

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