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Should Internet-based companies be required to pay sales tax?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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May-28-13 2:05 PM

That business then would be subject to Audit by the Michigan Tax folks to make sure that my purchase was 'TAX' free from their sales and balanced with the sales I made on the TAX free goods I purchased from them. Who wants 50 different TAX audits a year as each State audits business taxation? In my honest opinion, this yet another ATTACK on small Business trying to make a living selling on the Internet.

Vote NO on this, and save the sanity of the business subject to Audit - What's Michigan going to do when they find someone in Alaska didn't pay them the SALES tax they collected? SUE?.. probably.. Michigan should be 'protecting' sales of goods purchased in Michigan Brick and Mortar Stores - how ya gonna regulate 50 different TAX codes, let alone audit an OFFSHORE business ? Someone is nuts!

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May-28-13 1:56 PM

In my humble opinion, a law like this would be hardest to enforce since the 'sales' on the Internet are not Government controlled unless one has a TAX license - who's going to Audit their records in a company say, in Mexico, Canada, China, or even Pay Pal Accounts? - So, while it sounds good on paper.. it'll just be another law that further drives business offshore.. Tell me, has the fed been able to curb the Gambling, the **** on the Internet? Hardly.. and they want to tackle TAXES?

Right now, only a business residing in Michigan can 'legally' collect sales tax for Michigan.. to get my purchase TAX free for my business purchase (which I would then have to collect tax on) I would have to give them my TAX number.

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May-22-13 7:32 PM

NO!!! i love buying stuff on the net tax free. besides that i really dont like how the government spends my tax money so i do whatever i can to avoid paying taxes. uncle sam takes advantage of every one of you. avoiding taxes is just the american way. too much tax money goes to those not in need. i'd rather have it for myself or feel better having go to something or someone where it is actually beneficial. not supporting welfare bums.

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May-13-13 2:25 PM


will this apply to the boxes you make?

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May-13-13 11:30 AM

Guess who’s behind all of the tax code legislation?


The poor,


The wage earner.


Those who, themselves,

have more than 78,000 pages of congressionally concocted IRS TAX CODE,

allowing preferential treatment for themselves to pay



Once more,

it easy to see that they want wage earners to pay more in taxes

WHILE they,

weasel and wheedle

their way out of paying their tax share,


continually promote means to increase the burden of TAXATION,

for wage earning, LEGAL, American citizens.

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May-13-13 11:29 AM

Last year,

of the 28 LARGEST corporations,

27 of them paid

very little or NO TAXES, in the 2012 tax cycle,


even received IRS tax refund credit’s averaging

$420,000,000.00 a piece,


for each of them.

The one corporation out of the 28 largest, had to pay some tax but did not receive a tax refund or tax credit.

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May-13-13 11:27 AM

Why then,

do the rich and their corporations

continually receive preferential tax code treatment


wage earning workers must bear the financial burden for

running the government,

providing roads,

social and economic infrastructures

for the few,

while they continually

reduce our

standard of living



increase their

standard of living.

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May-13-13 11:26 AM

Guess who’s behind this type of economic dysfunction?


Republicans ?

The rich ?

Their corporations?

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May-10-13 8:28 AM

An internet business would not pay a sales tax, it would collect a sales tax for government, from us the consumer.

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May-07-13 5:12 PM

Why shouldnt they?

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