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Should the use of Native American mascots be banned in Michigan schools?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Mar-21-13 1:00 PM


Your Quote:

“Whizzy just STFU please, if youre really as oldand senile…

if you didnt like what i “said, gotohell, i dont care :))”

Come on over and join me at the home…

After you’ve been laxatived, primed, and cleaned out, medicated…

I’ll be glad to take you on in any kind of debate…

But NOT BEFORE, you’ve had a couple of good upper and lower GI Enemas!

I guarantee, to put you out of your league and misery on a ‘one-on-one’ debate in the home social hall!

We'll see how 'clean your act' is after a couple of days of system cleansing and flushing.

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Mar-07-13 6:13 PM



your post makes you really intelligent.

Wizzywig may be annoying, but more often than not, he's right, and he doesn't sound as dumb as you, unless you provoke him!

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Mar-07-13 12:15 AM

I am also a Native. I never met one that was offended in any way.

WhizzyWhig please stop spamming, you're probably annoying everyone with your nonsense gibberish.

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Mar-06-13 6:01 PM

if spelling is such a big deal, why do you keep spelling my name wrong. also fyi i dont drink alcohol, but i may when i pee on you. also you're wrong, im not a very nice individual and u will see that when i whiz on ur wig. in the mean time, how about we stay on the mascot subject. no one likes you wizman nor do they care what you have to say cause u make nothing but a fool of yourself. your keyboard rants do not make you look intelligent in fact it does quite the opposite.

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Mar-03-13 9:05 AM


You sound like a nice individual...

Don't lower yourself to name-calling, and senseless rant -as some here are perverted to use as their limited means of self expression.

Again, some of your comments are insightful, and meaningful.

Some of your comments, are, unfortunately....




Thank you for expressing some of the insight as to your capability.

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Mar-01-13 5:51 PM


An interesting introduction,

here quoted on your opening salvo from one of your similar eloquent postings:

"Whizzy just STFU please"

Whizzywig, should appoint you to the post of inconsequential discourse record keeping,

your post and mentality illustrate that you are not uniquely qualified to keep records on much and therefore …

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Mar-01-13 2:15 PM


btw, did you partake of at least TWO pints of Guinness...

my wig is still dry.

I can't wait to meet you in person seeing you on the video recording...

-wiz away...

don't forget to bring a three-step, step-stool!

whizzywig waiting

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Mar-01-13 2:10 PM

Young people,

under the age of seventy,

think that impressing people is a big deal!

As do you doonyduds.

I hardly think or need to impress ANYONE,

let alone you or anyone else.

While in fact,

my aim is to target an alternate point of fact.

Hopefully, I will be irritating, obnoxious and backward enough,

to goad some of you into further research and self discovery…

-that what you hear and read,

is not factual in its entirety, but…

-there is something more to learn.

I am depressed that too many,

find it hard to throw-off the shackles of popular misconceptions

carried forth under the auspices of the republican and democrat parties

and their financial hackers!

Hence my medication needs…

precisely and timely..


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Mar-01-13 12:58 AM

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Feb-28-13 9:24 PM

you're not impressing anyone whizzy. in fact you're making a fool of yourself. you're also not a very good liar.

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Feb-28-13 5:34 PM


Do not read the posts…



You’re more afflicted that I…

and you’re out in the general population,

spreading your vulgarity.

I just respond to dodo’s

some who are habitually offensive…

Mikie, why comment ?

It demeaning to you,

and show’s your intelligence quotient - low…

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Feb-28-13 12:34 PM

Whizzy just STFU please, if youre really as old and senile as you make your self out to be than somebody should take your computer "priveleges" away.. Sorry if i seem rude but im so sick of your BS comments always rambling on but never really saying anything. Im positive nobody cares what youre saying just as sure as i am that this comments gonna get a bunch of thumbs down LOL ohh nooo :( To anyone i may of offended ar if you didnt like what i said, gotohell, i dont care :))

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Feb-27-13 12:31 PM


Thank you for the invitation below:

“come to the casino and loosen up bro!”

I am unable to accept this offer just now.

My circumstances are such that

“loosening up”

any further would preclude me from receiving enjoyment that this hostelry provides (bed and breakfast, dinner and supper, to you).

All of my largess is consumed for my habitation and medication.

I do have commitments here.

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Feb-27-13 12:30 PM

Startling each day with the following ritual:

Awakening from a nite of slumber, diaper changes, breakfast in bed, medicine in bed, another diaper check or change, and then it’s off to the lounge,

where the owner provides music to clap my hands in rhythmic and erythematic syncopation,

as well as singing - they never have any of willie nelson’s songs here.

Often times, we play assorted games, throwing balls, squeezing balls,

and much other mischief too complicated for you to understance.

Then its back to my domicile for another round of diaper checks, medicine and slumber.

Hope you have a wonder day!


Thank you very much for thinking of me!

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Feb-27-13 11:49 AM


I tried to keep the words as small as I am able, in a manner you are accustomed to understand.

Please excuse both of the words, Guinness and suggestion,

they are, I know 8 and 10 letter in length.

Struggle if you might, or get someone to explain their meaning and context.

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Feb-27-13 11:44 AM




Have at it,

I won’t know the difference…



And be sure to bring along a three step ladder, you’ll need it.

My sleeping arrangement is nearly 42 inches from the floor….

If I might make a suggestion before you wiz…

KINDLY have a pint, two would be better, of Guinness in your urethra before you give me your all!


I will experience the sedative effect,

and hopefully you’ll fall off your ladder?

Maybe, in the process,

you’ll fall off your wagon too?

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Feb-26-13 10:15 PM

Who care,s? Are the Natives in this area really that sensitive? Considering the benefits the Natives get in this state I'm sure most of them couldn't be less concered about stupid mascots. Grow up people

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Feb-26-13 10:03 PM

by the way whizy, i know who u r and im gonna wiz on ur wig.

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Feb-26-13 10:00 PM

anyone actually read more than a few words typed by whizzywhig? knowing proper grammar and big words doesnt necessarily make you any smarter than anyone else. besides, we're here to discuss the the mascots. not nag on grammar which no one even really cares about except people like whizzywhig with nothing better to do than sit on a rig all day wasting life away. come to the casino and loosen up bro!

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Feb-26-13 8:49 PM


and, someone should give you an egg to sit on and hatch...

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Feb-26-13 5:28 PM

OMG...someone should give whizzy a tranquilizer (and some intelligence).

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Feb-26-13 12:46 PM

Depending on the state of my medication,

I try to make a concerted effort to state mildly, what my longevity has contributed to logical thinking, usually a number one (1).

Depending on the state of someone else’s medication, or lack,

I will examine their line of thought, and comment accordingly, with each reply being raised a number, depending upon their criticism.

Finally, when I succumb to medication, and remain medicinally un-alert,

I forego further comment.

Btw, how is your “medicated” state, or lack of medication state working out for you?

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Feb-25-13 11:07 AM


Thank you for your testament to the fact that grammar, syntax, and [illogical] reason, is beyond repair for most.

Having lived long, I cannot endorse poor grammar, poor syntax, or faulty thought and poor behavior.

I do not subscribe to obnoxious and boorish behavior and thought processes.

Too many people accept nothing, and nothing is what they get in return.

Too sad, that more people would not be more charitable and take the time to indicate where corrections are necessary.

By enabling those with such lack of ‘credentials’, we do nothing but perpetuate what people are willing to dish out as the status-quo.

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Feb-22-13 11:47 AM

I am not Native American, but I do read a lot about their history and culture. And it is a history and culture to be proud of. Honoring a tribe or culture with a mascot is good, as long as it in not offensive. I am of Scandinavian decent. While I am a die hard packer fan, I am thrilled to see the "Vikings" recognizing my heritage.

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Feb-21-13 9:14 AM



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