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So it finally starts!

Today, this Tuesday November 2nd 2010 will be the day it is remembered that Cable news controls the masses. If we have learned anything from Glenn Becks "Restoring Honor" rally and recently Jon Stewart/Steven Colberts "Rally to restore sanity and/or Fear" is that most people are sheep. Not just regular sheep either but more likely sheep that suffer from A.D.D. or some other unfortunate disorder that makes them forget everything but the few "talking points" spewed 24/7 from these outlets. You can see it in the masses; talking heads using every medium they can to pound political messages in hope of scaring others to vote for the candidate "they" believe is right for them. Constant yammering about "this person said this and means this" to "that person wants illegal’s to abort babies if they are not gay". When did politics in our country become such a joke? When was it acceptable to call "opinion" "news"


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