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1079 days ago.
by SteveNC

Why are people against Obamacare?

I really want to know why people are so against this. If you're against it, just explain why.


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EStacey, isn't the point though that the uninsured are a cost to society? Someone uninsured goes to an emergency room and can't pay, their costs gets redistributed by the hospitals to those of us with insurance, resulting in higher premiums.

Posted 1079 days ago.


still wondering why after the roll out? Why is auto and now health insurance mandatory for all? lobbying should be made illegal.

Posted 1100 days ago.


Well, it's actually called, "The Affordable Care Act".. and was promised to save money and better lives.. It requires the healthy young (above age 28, cause until 27 you can still sponge off your parents who then pay the high premiums).. to pay into premiums to cover Older folks.. There aren't many YOUNG folks these days who give a hoot about OLD folks, nor about actually paying the HIGH Premiums a 'qualified' healthcare plan will cost.. They'd rather pay the TAX (Fine for not having healthcare).. Which in turn will help Obama pay out 'tax refund' like checks to offset Premiums paid by 'not so wealthy' folks... That money has to come from somewhere..

So, to sum up... perhaps people just aren't into this 'Wealth Redistribution Scheme' disquised as a Benefit to all..

Posted 1116 days ago.


Because it's confusing. People don't really understand how it works. I for one, do not understand what it is, how it works, how it affects the American people, or really any other aspect of it.

Posted 1123 days ago.

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