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Michigan is a labor freedom state

December 29, 2012
Daily Press


Michigan is now a labor freedom state where unions will continue to be constitutionally protected to be free to 'make their case," protected by state law, will have the freedom to "make their choice." Unions have been given an opportunity to demonstrate their value to the workers they seek to represent. Rather than taking an employee's dues for granted, unions must now compete for those dues by demonstrating their value proposition. This very opportunity if the unions choose to embrace will make them stronger and more accountable - and that's good for workers, and unions.

The ability for unions to collectively bargain will remain an important tool when done holistically - in concert with the best interest of workers, their employers and markets they choose to serve. The Workplace Equity and Fairness Act empowers Michiganders to be able to have the dignity and the freedom to decide which organizations they want to associate with and which organizations they don't want to associate with - and not make it a condition of their employment. Labor freedom states, on average have a much lower unemployment and increased opportunities than union stronghold states.

The data shows a compelling argument for giving workers a choice, much evidence concludes people are leaving Michigan because they can't find work. Many of our schools are losing school enrollment each year, thus propelling school districts into red ink spending and decline. Statistics support the most disturbing trend that our biggest export has become our kids, while Michigan's working class continues to diminish. By an almost 3 to 1 margin people are moving to states where workers are not forced to join a union or pay union fees. For the unemployed the decline of jobs is undeniable, for cities like Detroit on the brink of bankruptcy we are not only watching a disturbing decline, but we are watching the increasing loss of income, population and dignity.

Why do the Democrats oppose the "Workplace Equity and Fairness Act"? Their voice isn't about workingmen's wages, its all about campaign coffers. Furthermore, the irony with those who oppose labor freedom and claim it encourages "free loaders," yet these are the same individuals who vote for a party whose mantra is "spread the wealth" and "pay your fair share" towards entitlements mostly used by those who can't find work and who don't pay into a stressed system via income tax. The Democratic Party claims it's the party of choice, most notably when it comes to abortion issues saying it's the mother's choice. But are they truly "pro-choice" when it comes to workers choice to join a union or not to fund union political advocacy groups?

Paul Walker


Schoolcraft County Republican Party



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