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Have some respect

December 22, 2012
Daily Press


Recently, I was waiting to pick up my son and niece after school.

I was parked between the ISD and the back entrance to the high school. I didn't have to wait long before students starting boiling out of the buildings, happy to be off for the weekend. ( Several students drive themselves to and from school and with having this privilege leave during lunch hour to do what ever the students do.)

I was appalled at the lack of respect several of these kids have for the people around them and their surroundings. I couldn't keep count of how many kids threw their garbage from their vehicles on the ground. Fast food bags, cups, pizza boxes, plastic bottles and whatever else garbage it seems was just pitched out. It didn't seem to matter who was sitting there watching. It wasn't just Escanaba students either, several kids from the ISD were active participants as well. It's pretty obvious that there is no respect for their school, environment or the people around them.

Joe Phillips




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