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Too many safety regulations

December 11, 2012
Daily Press


Why is it so hard to make a living? Why are people punished for trying to make a living? I know a few roofers trying to provide for their families and give people good quality roofs for a fair price, but every year they are targeted by MIOSHA. MIOSHA will go around looking for the smallest and dumbest "safety violations" that they can fine you for.

The roofers that I know work safely and provide safety for their employees, but every time MIOSHA comes around, they find something so minor that the roofer is supposedly doing wrong and fine them huge fines. Did you know that one of the safety rules is that your hard hat cannot have any writing on it, not even a scratch, because that could be distracting?

I've never heard of something so ridiculous. I think its about time they find something more important to write rules about. Every time the owner of the roofing company sees "a scratch " on their workers hat, he is going to have to run out and get a new hat, maybe 20 times a day.

That takes money away from the roofers family. MIOSHA needs to take a long look at these senseless rules and find the real problems. I am all for safety, but a scratch on the hat is not a hazard.

Becky Walker




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