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Too bad Election Day isn’t a special holiday

November 8, 2012
Daily Press


Elections are not for the faint hearted. The media bombardment alone can eventually be a turn off for the info weary, fragile citizen. People want to be informed but are at the mercy of the network's money making agenda. For TV watchers, it becomes a game of switching channels during commercials, only to see the same advertisements on each one. It is almost as if the competing channels know what we are up to.

Meantime, everyone becomes actually, over informed until election day when there it is. The ballot. The real thing. It is surprising there are not commercials in the booth to help us decide! Thankfully, there are no reporters doing entrance or exit polls here. Thankfully, the networks don't think we "have a brain in these parts," and leave us alone.

Election Day used to be a day of special celebration, with people either out and about, or being home, with feelings of being truly American, in a special sort of way.

Too bad Election Day isn't a special holiday in America with everyone focusing on the real meaning of it all. What with the shrinking world we are in, our President has to be a special patriot with real insight into what we are all about. Americans have to be sure to vote to let the world and our candidate know that we are all in it together, in spite of the beating we take before it all happens.

Mary Snyder

Ford River



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