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Who is against medical marijuana?

October 31, 2012
Daily Press


After watching a video transcript of Escanaba's City Council debating ways to restrict medical marijuana, it begs the question. Who would support such a move? After some logical dot connecting, it occurs to me the largest group who has the most to gain. Criminals. Although organized crime, in its many forms, could never write such a letter of support publicly, here's what I think this hypothetical letter might look like.

Dear Escanaba City Council, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work in continuing the efforts against medical marijuana. As you know, marijuana is our main source of income, and there are many medical and recreational users. We are thankful you are labeling these people a public threat. In order for us to distribute our drugs freely, we require that you keep this commonly used substance in our hands. We can use it to lure children and new helpers into our basements and addict them to real drugs. Also of gratitude, using as many resources as possible watching those medical marijuana users, so we can operate with greater impunity. Luckily, we aren't required to get paperwork, or restrict our sales to certain ages and locales, or deal with I.D.s. In all actuality, the enemy for us, is any "light of day" distribution system, which would quickly expose the public to the truth about providing a harm-free environment, and take our untaxed income away. Diverting any money away from marijuana prohibition will only redirect the money we have been taking from your communities, directly to your schools, teachers, firefighters and police. This is a no go for us, and we won't give up our income easy. Any way we can support you directly or surreptitiously, let us know. We would however ask, that when you do compile that list of growers, we would like to have itso we can also "check" these grow ops out, and blame any resulting violence on the growers. Maybe we could even accidently let it slip to the attorney general and run our competitors right into jail. What a wonderful world we can build together, at both of our profit. You can seize the assets of the growers as soon as the legal environment changes, and blame marijuana for all the violence and unsolved murders. as we quietly siphon your community and children's future away.

Transcripts are available of Escanaba's last meeting at

Mike McHaney

Alger Hemp Coalition



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